Mendocino's Sister City: Miasa-Omachi, Nagano, Japan

Mendocino's Sister City of Omachi, Nagano, Japan sits beneath the majestic Japan Alps south of Hakuba and north of Matsumoto 

Mendocino Sister Cities Association is dedicated to the promotion of friendly relations and mutual understanding among cultures. 

Miasa-Omachi is located on Japan's main island of Honshu in Nagano Prefecture, about 150 miles northwest of Tokyo. Omachi-shi 大町市 is located in a long, wide valley beneath the towering Japan Alps. Miasa-mura 美麻村 (Miasa Village) is about 10 miles east-northeast of Omachi. Miasa 美麻, means, "Beautiful Hemp" in English. In 2006 our original Sister City of Miasa was incorporated by Omachi. Miasa-Omachi is the name we have given our new Sister City although, technically the City of Omachi is our Sister City.

Mendocino's original Sister City of Miasa experiences a full four seasons and is situated northeast of Omachi. Different living districts located in several small valleys surrounded by tall, wooded hills make up the Miasa village.

Mendocino Village

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